“I really don’t know how to put into words what entirely happened in my life through this 400 hr. meditation training.

Words really don’t do it justice. I’m walking away with something completely unexpected which I never though in a million years would have happened. I feel more connected to my tradition than ever before but in a whole new and expanded way. I feel the healing from past wounds and spiritual trauma. I still got a ways to go working though some things but man… I feel like the edge and harsh judgement I had towards my religious tradition and “people” from this past decade is being mended. Which if you knew me, is a mind blower!! The material covered in this program is comprehensive yet easy to integrate to your personal practice and beyond. I am a believer that in order to maximize your personal growth in anything, its necessary to have a combination of both knowledge and practical application. What I loved most about this program was the perfect blend of both aspects and I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience.”

– Colin Ben-ward

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“My teacher training!! Oh my!! What can I say?

I’m still feeling the after glow from each and every student that went through the experience with me! Our three amazing instructors Heather Prete, Chandresh Bhardwaj, and Hilary Jackendoff are above and beyond beautiful! They gave so much of themselves to us: the knowledge, the open-hearted approach, and even their shared tears of joy with us.

Because of the training, I have transformed into a more loving, kind and aware human being. It’s really a wonderful place to study and be. I’m proud of my accomplishment with Teacher Training, and look forward to many more wonderful encounters along my journey with the DEN.

Thank you all for your love and support!”

– Everardo G.

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“Wonderful training for anyone interested in becoming a meditation teacher or simply deepening their practice.

Doing this course you will gain a wide insight to many techniques and philosophies, you will delve deep into the theory and experiential lessons gaining a deeper sense of self and therefore better preparing you to teach others. It’s taught by brilliant teachers and you will gain a whole new community and friends for life.

– Simone Tai

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“I will forever have this 400-Hour Meditation Teacher Training, this journey, my wonderful classmates, and teachers in my heart.

I have never cried like that in front of people ever and thank you for helping me find my truth. Now, it’s time to pass the torch to enable others to locate their truth inside and the divinity that lies within and all around us. No matter what religion, tradition or background, meditation is a great resource that can help one in so many ways, be it scientific and health based benefits as we learn so much about in our training, and how it can help heal and ground you emotionally as well. Also so happy that we were blessed to have been presented different cultures, religions and lineages and their overlapping universal themes of consciousness, unity, love and spirt and their use of meditation. Even our teachers who trained us were from different lineages and meditation practices. Taking this teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life!

– David Yung Ho Kim, Esq.

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“My expectations for what I was hoping to learn and achieve from this Teacher Training were beyond surpassed.

Not only did I learn how to effectively and responsibly guide others in their meditation practice, I learned how to take my own practice to an unprecedented level. I gained deeper knowledge and understanding of the history, philosophy, and types of meditation. I experienced personal shifts in my awareness and happiness that made a positive impact on my everyday life. Most importantly, my fellow classmates and my teachers have become my community I will carry with me through life. Hilary, Chandresh, and Heather created a space where I felt comfortable learning, questioning, and exposing my vulnerability. This is an excellent training program for anyone who wishes to teach meditation and an incredible personal development program for anyone looking to deepen their practice and expand their consciousness.

– Jacy Schwager

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“Whether you intend to be an instructor, or you just want to take your own practice to the next level, I highly recommend taking this training.

The DEN Teacher Training was an amazing experience for me. Not only was I presented with a wealth of knowledge about the history of meditation and it’s many facets, but also how my personal journey through the practice could be utilized to assist others on theirs.”

– Rebecca Solomon

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“The DEN has been my home away from home for over a year now, and to have my certification from them only feels right.

Teacher training was an amazing experience. It allowed me to dive deeper into my own practice as well as introduce me to new elements of meditation of which I had no prior knowledge. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to deepen their practice. I’m so grateful for the training and The DEN.

– Laurasia Munar

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Care to share your thoughts?

As proud as we are about the things our students have said, we’re always looking to hear more. If you’ve taken out Meditation Teacher Training course and would like to share your thoughts on your experience, please drop us an email with whatever it is you’d care to share.

– The DEN Meditation Training Team